Sync SaaS CRM - Framer Template

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Sync is a CRM SaaS Framer template that prioritizes an exceptional user experience and attention to detail. Its purpose is to empower SaaS companies to forge a compelling online presence, increase visitor-to-customer conversions, surpass competitors, and attain your business milestones. This website template provides an accessible and user-friendly Content Management System that allows you to effortlessly add content.

This template includes:

  • Home

  • Product

  • Integrations (CMS for adding apps)

  • Pricing

  • Blog & blog detail (CMS for adding blogs)

  • About (CMS for adding employees and vacancies)

  • Job detail page (CMS for adding vacancy details)

  • Contact Us

  • Testimonials (CMS for adding testimonials)

  • Legal (terms & conditions, privacy policy, cookies) (CMS)

Important note: This template needs a Framer Pro hosting plan. This ensures that you can make use of all the content management systems that are used on the Sync SaaS Framer Template. You'll receive a promocode within your conformation email for 3 free months on an annual Framer Pro hosting plan.

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